Social media marketing

Marketing today is experiencing a paradigm shift – from traditionally being a ‘pay to play’ model where large organisations could get away without actually involving their clients. The true democratisation of content and opinions started by the internet has been fast forwarded by the explosive growth of social media. This is the first time that smaller businesses without the bottomless marketing budgets can actually look at going head to head with contestants. The traditional ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach will no longer work when consumers have access to both the media and the networks to make themselves heard.

In the near future, we’ll access our TV, internet, phone, radio, music, photos, videos and more through a single appliance of our choice. The companies are understanding this and bringing change in how people use technologies for information.

How to Apply Stratagies

When crafting your message you need clarity, conciseness, and connection. All good stories are simple at their core. Think short sentences, and think of your audience and your unique connection to them before writing content.

Nowadays days, most companies are engaging with customers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels. But that doesn’t mean they’re doing it right.

Social media marketing is not an exact science so monitor what you do and learn from failure as well as success. Use free services such as Google Analytics to measure the impact on website traffic.

The new world of media relationships, you are basically selling content. If the content is not worth or not relevant knowledge it will make it less likely for people to share and read your content.

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